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An industrial design is that aspect of an article which is ornamental or aesthetic. It may consist of features such as the shape, surface, patterns, lines or colour.

Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of products in industry and handicrafts such as vehicles, electrical appliances, toys, textile designs and pottery.

The Patents division provides advisory and registration services to local and international clients related to industrial design protection and enforcement in Zimbabwe and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation.

It advises clients on the legal requirements for industrial design protection and prepares, files and prosecutes applications for the registration of industrial designs.

The Patents division provides maintenance services for industrial design filings and registrations; recordal of changes of particulars of proprietors of industrial design, recordal of transfer of industrial design rights including licenses, mergers and assignments.

The services provided include civil and criminal protection and enforcement of industrial design rights; registry searches; litigation of disputes between designers and employers; oppositions to third party filings; and the defence of objections to any industrial design filings and registrations made by our clients.

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