A patent is a legal document which is granted by a national  or regional  Patent Office upon the filing of a patent application which defines the scope of the invention for which the inventor or the owner of the invention has the exclusive right to control the use or disposal of the invention as defined  in the patent application filed and granted by the Patent office.

Patents are territorial in that they can only be recognized and enforced in the countries in which they have been applied for and granted.

A patent can be obtained for an invention if the invention is new, has an inventive step and is industrially applicable.

An invention is said to be new if the essential features of the invention  which are the subject of the patent have never been published or described in public anywhere, in any language, at any time , at any place, and whether orally or in written form or by use or in any other way.

An invention is registrable if it also involves a technical solution for a problem or need for which the invention  was identified and created by the inventor, and which would not have been obvious to a person skilled in the field of technology of the invention.

Finally an invention is registrable if the invention as described in the patent application filed in the Patent Office is operable in the manner described by the inventor in the patent application. 

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