Industrial Designs

website 070.jpgAn industrial design is that aspect of an article which is ornamental or aesthetic. It may consist of features such as the shape, surface, patterns, lines or colour.

Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of products in industry and  handicrafts such as vehicles, electrical appliances, toys, textile designs and pottery.

Industrial design protection is important because it relates to those aspects of goods and articles which make them aesthetically appealing and facilitate their marketing and commercialisation.

Industrial design protection protects the owner of the design from unauthorised copying or imitation of his design by third parties and ensures a fair return on investment.

In general, the author/creator of a design is the proprietor thereof unless the author creates a design during the course and scope of his employment, in which case design belongs to the employer of the author.

Ownership of an industrial design means that the proprietor thereof  has the exclusive right to exploit the design. He may exclusively authorise who may or may not use the design by license.

Rights in a design may also be transferred in whole or in part by assignment.

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